Introducing Literally’s Charlotte Reed

Next up on our committee is me, Charlotte Reed – Primary English Consultant with Primary English Education Consultancy Limited.

I have been involved in the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards from the very start and as a team we have been helping to shortlist every year, which is a great honour and usually ends in a very costly book shop visit!  As a team, we have been very proud to be involved and support such an important cause – reading for pleasure.

I can’t imagine a life without reading, it’s what moulds you and makes you who you are, it’s how living in a tiny Nottinghamshire village as a child I learnt about the world.  I want others to have that too. Losing myself in a book is my one weakness.  So teaching and working with books, giving recommendations isn’t a bad job, the best bit?  When you see the joy on a child’s face as they listen to a story, looking at their writing inspired by a good book and when you ask the children what might happen next and one 4 year old boy yells “The wolf is going to eat the bears! EAT THE BEARS!” while grabbing your arm.

Ok, so maybe not my only weakness, I also love social media and so I have joined Literally this year and hope to be able to support the committee using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and have set up this blog, you will see us about a bit more in the cyber world – take a left at Mrs Muggin’s cottage, past the Faraway tree and uh oh mud thick squelchy mud, we can’t go over it, we can’t go under it we’ll have to go…no no no don’t go through it!  It’s probably easier to follow us and like us and we will be updating you on our journey.


4 thoughts on “Introducing Literally’s Charlotte Reed

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