Introducing Literally’s Linda Collingwood

Our next committee member is Linda Colllingwood, Library Manager at Finham Park School.

“Coventry secondary school librarians are tremendously thankful we have such a proactive and supportive Schools Library Service, so when its head Joy Court asked us to attend a first meeting to discuss the inauguration of a new Coventry book festival, of course, we said yes.

Little did I know that several months later one or two of us would be experiencing just a few anxious moments and a couple of sleepless nights immediately prior to the start of a highly successful week of exciting book events which was Literally………Coventry  2012. 

What’s more, we’re doing it all over again for 2013!

As a librarian, much of my job satisfaction comes from knowing l sometimes reach the right child at the right time with a book that sparks or reignites their love for reading.  That spark will stay with them forever.  What better way to reach more children and adults than with a whole week of wonderful events to celebrate reading and literature?”


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